i own the whole world

hei it's me Jim

i’m gon draw dia’s fursona for my pixel fam even though i can’t draw furries


I drew this because I’m furry trash.

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Superjail tank copped at sdcc!!


memes today arent what they used to be. im a REAL MEME fan.

you say doge, i say all your base are belong to us

you say you came out to have a good time, i say LEEROYYY JENNNNNNKIIIINNNNNSSSSSSS

you say rage faces, i say never gonna give you up

reblog if youre part of the 2% of trolls left who like REAL MEMES btw im 14

you can actually see my house in these…


This is for the boys.

The boys who self harm.

The boys who have eating disorders.

The boys who suffer from anxiety, depression, etc.

The boys who are suicidal.

You’re all wonderful, handsome people.

And don’t worry, your princess will come around.

Also boys suffer too, why does everyone forget that?


This scene was so cute I squeed! 


I haven’t done a selfie since I got my haircut??

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